As a PINC trained physiotherapist I am well trained with the body s anatomy and how it adapts to cancer and its treatment.

The goal is to safely and confidently guide you through the different stages of cancer management.


Pre Surgical - Before surgery, we work on your fitness levels to help you become your fittest prior to your operation. It is easier to build muscle bulk before surgery compared to post surgery. Symptoms of pain, loss of muscle strength and stamina may be less if a person with cancer is physically and mentally rehabilited before surgery

Post Surgical - Hands-on manual therapy techniques are provided to help a person gradually return to using the body part that has been affected by cancer. Commonly people are afraid to move after surgery. With guidance from your surgeon we take you through step by step stretches and exercises to help you get back to your day to day function or sport.

Day to day living tasks are better managed with strategies we can provide. We ensure that other muscles aren't compensating and putting you at risk of an injury.

We also help monitor side effects from surgery including peripheral neuropathy (changes in sensation), signs of lymphoedema or infection etc.

During treatment - Chemotherapy and radiation are examples of cancer treatments which may have side effects including fatigue and physical side effects like sensation changes and lymphoedema. Associated issues like muscle weakness, balance, strength, breathlessness may also arise.

We are able to monitor these side effects and give you information around management that may not require the need to take more medications.

Physical activity during chemotherapy has been researched to help with treatment completion and reduce fatigue levels.

Survival - there has been extensive research with on going physical activity and the reduction in cancer reoccurance and survival rates for certain cancer groups. We help you work towards leading a physically active life. We prepare you to re-enter your usual sporting activities and help get you more fit and healthy.

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