It CANNOT cripple love                It CANNOT suppress memories

It CANNOT shatter hope               It CANNOT silence courage

It CANNOT corrode faith              It CANNOT invade the soul

It CANNOT destroy peace             It CANNOT steal eternal life

It CANNOT destroy friendship      It CANNOT conquer the spirit

My experience working with people with cancer, I see resilience grow from a place that sometimes one doesnt know exists.

Cancer robs people of many things but with knowledge about the body, shared experiences and positive support from the right people, there is growth and a deeper love for oneself and for others.

 Physical activity makes a person step in the right direction. Exercise is a simple non pharmacological intervention to reduce the risk of several long term illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, anxiety, depression etc. 

Work Ethos : My goal is to support people living with and beyond cancer. To give a person options on how to manage their symptoms means to get people back to where they want to be.  My strength is building a trusting and positive atmosphere that encourages healing physically and mentally.


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